Professional Business Speaking


Because he has worn the various “hats” of banker, business owner and business consultant, to companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries, Laddie Blaskowski bring uniquely valuable insight to his business programs. By adding humor and true-life stories to the solid principles taught in his business keynote speeches and programs, Laddie Blaskowski provides audiences with an enriching and entertaining experience.

BusinessTruths Keynote Topics:

The Step Dynamic®—A Powerful Strategy for Successfully Growing Your Business!

Whether you need a powerful keynote or a dynamic workshop, Laddie Blaskowski’s Step Dynamic® presentations will teach participants how to do the right things at the right time as they grow their businesses! Most entrepreneurs want their companies to grow and be successful. These powerful programs explain the growth concepts that Laddie developed after analyzing more than 1,000 companies over the course of his career. Participants will learn the four critical areas where a company can fall in relation to growth, the how’s and why’s of business growth, and how business growth affects owners’ business and personal lives. This program is a must for entrepreneurs at any stage of growth, and compliments Laddie’s book, The Step Dynamic, A Powerful Strategy for Successfully Growing Your Business.

Tough Times Survival Guide

When the economy takes a downturn, business owners and professionals can find themselves struggling to keep their companies afloat. Others simply want to know how to safely ride out the storm and maintain healthy businesses during tough times. In this important program, Laddie Blaskowski teaches participants how to take proactive steps to help keep their companies strong. Attendees will learn specific strategies to make their businesses more effective. This timely presentation is a “must” tough times survival guide for anyone who owns a business!

BusinessTruths Seminar:

Financial Statement Fraud: The Numbers Never Lie…or Do They?

Designed for business bankers, analysts and other lending professionals, this informative and entertaining program focuses on how companies falsify financial statements and how to detect false information. By understanding how and why business owners create fraudulent information, participants sharpen their investigative skills and learn to detect potential problems. Laddie uses case studies to introduce the various methods used to produce fraudulent financial statements and helps participants “think like a crook.” This program is a must for all business bankers, credit analysts and workout specialists.


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